Grey + blue flash Doudoods comforter with books
Grey & blue Flash Doudoods comforter in train bed
Baby boy sleeping cuddling grey + blue Doudoods baby comforter
Composition of grey + blue Doudoods Flash baby comforter, dummy clip, baby booties and whale rattle
Baby boy playing with grey + blue Doudoods Flash baby comforter in bouncer
Open postal box showing brand sticker and tissue paper


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Flash… AH AHHHHHHH…. etc etc.

Sorry, just can’t help doing that every time I say their name.

Anyway, Flash by name, Flash by nature. When babe needs a cuddle, they there in a Flash. When they’re posing for the camera, they looks pretty Flash. And when the tears start, grab this little legend and they’ll be over in one too.



Each character is given their own name and born on date making them unique. 

The comforters are handmade so roughly 19 x 13 inches in size.

They have big ears for tiny hands to hold on to and a small ribbon for little fingers to explore. They're made from super soft fur, cotton-jersey and felt; so no hard nobbles to scratch little faces or cause choking hazards.

Simple packaging sized up to fit through a normal letterbox means they can be posted off as the perfect new baby gift. We can also hand write a little accompanying note to put inside.

Don't forget to pair your Dood with a mask or eye patch to create the ultimate sibling pack.