Comforters with character

The Dou-Doods are a gang of fuzzy little friends for your little folk. Their mission: to make comforters cool again.

Designed to have their own personalities and given their own names and born on dates, they become more than just a snuggle blanket. They will stay with baby from infancy into toddlerhood as their imaginations grow and they become their partners in fun on all their great new adventures.


There is nothing else like them on the market. Gorgeously soft with fun designs. I bought one for my 3 month old and one for my daughter (27 months) and they both love them! My eldest takes it with her everywhere, and my youngest loves to snuggle with his when he ain't got mama. 

Jenny Box

These are beautifully handmade blankies for babies. Super soft, well stitched and just adorable unique characters. Perfect gift for a new baby. I've given them to all my friends and family and they adore them.

Kate van Onselen

When my second son was born I was so excited to receive his Dou-Dood, as they are such playful and personal characters. Mads' really took to his Dood and now rubs it sleepily on his face to help him fall asleep. They’re a great ‘new baby’ gift and I’ve since bought them for all of my mum friends because they’re super light and easy to post around the world.

Katie Rothschild

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